Parking Naples Airport

In this page you’ll find the Parking options at Naples International Airport.

Naples Airport (IATA: NAP; ICAO: LIRN), is the international airport serving Naples (Napoli), in Italy. It is located in Capodichino, in the Naples district, about 7 km away from Naples city centre. NAP Airport offers various Parking areas to its passengers with various rates.

P1 Sosta Lunga low cost

It is located a quick walk away from the Terminal 1. You can easily access via the Airport’s Shuttle bus. This Parking area disposes of video surveillance.

o up to 12 hours: 9 €
o up to 24 hours: 19 €
o up to 2 days: 38 €
o up to 3 days: 57 €
o up to 7 days: 59 €
o each additional day: 8 €
o weekend rate (from Friday to Monday): 35 €

Area Bacio al Volo

Meaning something like “Kiss and Go” this is the nearest Parking area from the Terminal and it is ideal for picking up and dropping off passengers (friends or family). It is just allow to park there for 10 minutes (for free). But be careful because after the 10 minutes you can receive a punishment.

Multilevel Parking Sosta Lunga Comfort

It is also located just a quick walk away from the passenger Terminal 1. You can also access to this Parking area from the Terminal via the Shuttle bus.

o Up to 12 hours: 15 €
o Up to 24 hours: 26 €
o Up to 2 days: 52 €
o Up to 3 days: 78 €
o Up to 7 days: 100 €
o Each additional day: 15 €

P 2-3-4-5 Sosta Breve

These Parking lots are the nearest from the Airport’s Terminal, together with the Valet Parking. Parking 2 area disposes of video surveillance.

o Up to 1 hour: 3,50 €
o Whole day: 35 €
o Each additional day: 18 €

Parking Car Valet

The nearest to the Terminal.

o Up to 24 hours: 40 €
o Each additional day: 20 €
o Motorbikes’ rate per day: 14 €

Parking multilevel for motorbikes

Within the same multilevel Parking lot.

o Up to 1 hour: 1 €
o Whole day: 10 €
o Whole week: 39 €

Parking exclusive for motorbikes

It is located just in front of the passenger Terminal.

o Up to 1 hour: 1€
o Whole day: 7 €
o Whole week: 29 €